Our concern
is wildlife

The Zoological Society of East Anglia supports conservation efforts worldwide, by funding programme work in overseas countries as well as backing UK based education and breeding programmes, through our support of Africa Alive! and Banham Zoo.

Overseas The Zoological Society of East Anglia supports work such as funding specially protected reserves for Snow Leopards in Mongolia, anti-poaching work in mainland Africa and Lemur conservation in Madagascar. We’ve made some major breakthroughs. We do this by carefully selecting organisations to work with and hold them accountable for the money they spend – ensuring the money that you raise is efficiently and effectively invested in long term conservation.

Our funding in the UK has led to the successful breeding of critically endangered vultures and tigers as well as interactive outreach visits to schools to educate children on conservation and the environment. You can find out a little more about us at www.zsea.org. If you have any specific questions we’d be delighted to talk at fundraising@zsea.org.